Why did we write this booklet?

Difficult times demand a lot from us as individuals, and especially now as healthcare professionals. To help us care for ourselves as professionals in the care sector, it is important that we have clear, practical tips on how to deal with some of the difficult things that confront us during these exceptional times. This means ensuring that you, as professionals, can deal with the physical, emotional and psychological challenges that await you every day. That’s why we wrote this booklet.

The booklet

The booklet contains tips and advice for professionals who are having to work under great pressure. If from all this advice there is one tip that helps you, then we are happy. If you have additional tips, please let us know (see colophon). If this booklet is not helpful to you at the moment, keep it nearby in case you need to refer to it later.
This booklet reflects many years of experience in coaching, training, guidance and education with healthcare professionals. It is written as a practical, short manual. For legibility, scientific substantiation and references from literature have been omitted.

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Caring for healthcare professionals

Millions of people work in health care. They need our support. Maybe this booklet will give them comfort in these demanding times. This booklet was originally written by Dutch experts and was translated into English. Feel free too distribute this booklet widely. It is a non-profit project and you may download the booklet for free below.

Pdf and E-Book

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Who is who?

Donatus Thöne

Donatus Thöne MSc,

Donatus Thöne (1961) is married and has three daughters, studied Law (bachelors) and Clinical Pedagogy and at the Anna Freud Institute. He worked at Philips, Berenschot and was a partner at Krauthammer. Since 2000 he works independently in various partnerships. He guides individuals and teams, he has an EMCC accredited Coach the Coach training and gives leadership training in Europe, America and Asia. He taught at the SIOO and TIAS. His latest book ‘Apple pie for managers, recipes for coaching’ has also been translated into English. Donatus also does half triathlons and is an avid swimmer.

Drs. Stance Rijpma bc

Stance Rijpma MSc, BSc.

Stance Rijpma (1965) studied Cultural History at the University of Utrecht and worked for many years for museums and other cultural institutions. In 2010 she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychosynthesis at the Institute for Psychosynthesis in Hilversum. Until 2019 she worked in education and communication at the Institute. In her practice she guides people who are struggling with existential crises, related to meaning, stagnation in development or in response to major events. As a writer and editor, Stance contributed to many catalogs, books, articles and newsletters. She lives with her two children in Baarn and loves singing and scuba diving.

Mr. José Nanninga-Verholt

José Nanninga-Verholt LLM,
Children and Youth Coach

José Nanninga-Verholt (1968) is married and has three children. She studied law in Amsterdam and Grenoble and worked for various organizations before starting her own career-coaching practice in 2004. A Children’s Coach training in 2009 made her a specialist in guiding children, young adults and their parents. She coaches individuals and teaches both in schools and at a training institute for coaches. Giving confidence is her mission. Hiking in the mountains is her favorite activity.

Jan de Vuijst foto

Prof. Jan de Vuijst

Jan de Vuijst (1954) is a board consultant, executive coach and professor of leadership at TIAS, the business school of Tilburg University. He graduated cum laude and obtained a PhD in linguistics from the University of Groningen. At the University of Edinburgh he specialized in Psychology and Knowledge Systems. His subjects are leadership, influencing behavior and group dynamics. His publications include ‘Professional Advice – Understanding, Empathy, Influencing’ (2015), ‘Leadership through Trial and Error’ (2017). Jan loves modern art, ancient tales and myths, classical music and sea sailing. He lives with his wife in The Hague by the sea, close to his children and grandchildren.

Erik de Haan foto

Prof. Erik de Haan

Erik de Haan (1964) is director of the Hult Ashridge Center for Coaching and professor of organizational development & coaching at VU University Amsterdam. He advises directors within universities and multinational companies. He is also a psychodynamic psychotherapist and has written more than 170 articles and 12 books. Erik takes his inspiration from opera, Greek tragedies, Shakespeare and seeing and collecting paintings.

Project team

Roland Toppen, Catelene Passchier and Donatus Thöne with Nicoline Huizinga as Social Media Expert


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